Rules are necessary for participation in Ignite. Failure to meet these rules will result in an expulsion from all Ignite Activities until the NPYSA executive has reviewed the incident and determined when, or if, the participant can resume participation.

NOTE 1: Every effort will be made to review an incident referred to the board within seven days of the any incident resulting in an expulsion.                             

NOTE 2: Additional conditions may be placed on any future participation at the discretion of the executive after a review of an incident.

  • No weapons or threatening behavior.

  • No theft of Ignite, participant, or facilitator property.

  • No drugs or alcohol prior to, or during any Ignite activity.

  • No smoking during the Ignite project.

  • No loitering outside the facility (without the facilitator’s approval).

Expectations are necessary to ensure yourself and others enjoy and benefit from the project. Failure to meet these expectations may result in the facilitator asking you to leave for the remainder of the activity. You are welcome to come to the next session with the understanding you will meet all expectations in the future.

NOTE: the facilitator can ask the NPYSA executive to review serious or recurring violations of any of these expectations at their discretion. You may not participate in any Ignite activities until the review process is complete.

  • Be respectful of other participants and the facilitators.

  • Mind your language and behaviour while at ignite.

  • Avoid distracting the participants or facilitator.

  • Bring an open mind and positive attitude.

  • Help out the facilitator when you can (ie- set up & clean up).

  • Actively participate in the program.

  • Share your ideas for improvement.