Wellness 101

March 20 -April 24th, 2019

This sessions focus on tools and practical skills that lead to emotional wellness. Brief informational presentations will also be included.

The Power of our Thoughts (March 20)

Focusing on how we choose to think about things and how that can affect our wellness. The types of things we spend time thinking about, or involving our minds in.

  • The Power of our Words (March 27)

    The things we say to ourselves, about ourselves to others, and how what we say can affect others.

  • The Power of our Actions (April 3)

    How choosing to do certain things can make us feel better when we are down, the things we spend our time doing affect how we view life etc… e.g. watching lots of violent films reduces our value of a person’s life. Staying physically healthy makes us feel emotionally better. Getting up early, showering and doing our hair can make us feel better.

    1. The importance of knowing who we are.(April 10)

      Activities to explore who we are as individuals and where we get it from. What happens when people lose their identity?

    2. The importance of knowing that we always have a choice (April 17)

      Recognizing our own responsibility for ourselves, our actions and knowing the real freedom that we have. Learning how to make good choices.

    3. The importance of growth and learning new things (April 24) 

      How this improves our self esteem and self confidence, it gives us interest, makes us more interesting people, focuses our mind on positive things rather than dwelling in the negative.